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TantrumA deeply complex ‘little baby powerhouse’ loaded with an abundance of delicious flavors.

The Tantrum by Ezra Zion Cigar Company was the company’s third release and is available as a Limited Edition. The Tantrum is made in one vitola presented in boxes of 28 with only 1500 boxes produced annually.

From Chris Kelly, co-owner of Ezra Zion Cigar Company

“Every blend name for Ezra Zion has a story behind it. When the three of us were brainstorming ideas about doing a small cigar with big bold flavor, Kyle likened the idea to having your first child, ‘It’s amazing to look at. It captivates you. It enthralls you. And you realize that you’ve never loved anything more. But, then when she’s going ballistic at 3 am, you wonder how anything that small and gorgeous could produce such a colossally intense and mind-blowing experience.’ A perfect analogy for this blend; hence the name TANTRUM.”

The Tantrum is a Nicaraguan puro blended at the Casa Fernandez factory in Estelí, using vintage tobaccos aged to perfection.

I was first introduced to this high-class gal when her father, Kyle Hoover, introduced us a few months back. She is sleek and sensual, a petite gal with plenty of spirit. She presented herself with pride and poise from the moment we laid eyes on one another. Her elegance radiated from her silky, milk chocolate-colored wrapper that boasted a slightly oily flesh. She revealed a few tiny veins and near invisible wrapper seams that ran from head to foot. Her tiny 4.44 x 44 box-pressed frame was flawless. It was firm with a slight give and slightly toothy with no soft spots.

She was wearing a vintage Nicaraguan wrapper made from a 1999 Corojo Rosado leaf that eloquently concealed an equally desirable binder, 1998 Nicaraguan Criollo. Her fillers are made up of five to seven year aged Grade AA Nicaraguan Ligero leaves. Tantrum’s unique character is what sets her apart from her foes. She has been dubbed the ‘little baby powerhouse’ because of her petite frame and powerful body – a dynamite duo that is hard to resist. This devilish dame was accessorized perfectly with the classy black and silver band that has become synonymous with Ezra Zion Cigar Company blazoned across her chest and her name ‘Tantrum’ tattooed across her foot. Tantrum istamtrum a bit of a fashionista if you will.

This fashionista’s pre-lighted perfume was intoxicating. Her luring aromas of sweet spice, leather cedar and hay aroused my inhibitions for sure. The pungent fragrances from her foot were even more stimulating – red pepper, leather, spices and tobacco. Unable to tame my vivacity, I whipped out my cutter and grabbed my lighter, for I was about to unearth a treasure trove of pleasure.

After a quick snip of her tiny cap I gently massaged her foot with soft butane to prime her for action. At this point, she was fired up and ready to play.

Our initial kiss was full of pepper and spice – a tiny woman with a powerful bite, GRRRRRRRRRRR, so much spunk from such an petite lady. I should not be surprised because she did come with a reputation for being bold and spicy and judging by her name I definitely knew what I was getting myself into. Red Pepper definitely dominated the opening minutes of our rendezvous but it mingled nicely with toasted nuts, cedar and leather notes.

This well-constructed heartthrob had an excellent draw that produced plenty of smoke. The plumes of smoke filled the air with amorous clouds of bliss. Her burn was razor sharp and her salt & pepper ash was admirable – tight, dense, and long lasting. I did have to re-light her once but I think that is because she was jealous that I wasn’t paying much attention to her at one point.

The second third of our evening went as expected. Her strength started to creep up a bit to the full range while her flavor profile remained full. She was a complex damsel that continued to offer cedar, and toasted nut flavors but the pepper faded drastically.  However, I started to notice a touch more of leather on Tantrum’s breath here in the second third of our tryst. She also incorporated sweet earth and cocoa into her profile. At tantrumthis point she definitely offered more sweetness than spice. How the tides have turned, I guess she could not resist my chivalry. Her nutty finish was lingering and extremely tasty.

During the final third of our rendezvous, Tantrum’s strength definitely ramped up to a legit full strength and body. She was starting to pack a bit of a punch but nothing over-the-top that would nuke your palate.  Her peppery flavors were returning with a vengeance and reclaimed itself as the dominant flavor at this stage of the night with the cedar, toasted nuts and sweetness falling to the background. Despite the change, the flavors still remained very pleasant and enjoyable. I also began to notice that espresso and chocolate flavors started to enter the foray late in the game.

This is clearly a full-strength cigar that packs just as much body as it does strength. With that said, it is an extremely smooth and enjoyable smoke that is complex and tasty. Tantrum changed flavor profiles throughout the 45-minute smoke as I progressed from one third to the next. She exudes a great balance of strength and flavor with pepper being the most apparent throughout most of the experience. Because of her bold personality, I don’t recommend this cigar to newbies but I believe discerning smokers with a bit of experience under their belts will go absolutely love the Tantrum by Ezra Zion Cigar Company.


Ezra Zion Cigar Company

Wrapper: Vintage Nicaraguan ’99 Corojo Rosado

Binder: Nicaraguan ’98 Criollo

Filler: 5-7 year aged Nicaraguan Ligero

Strength: Full

Price: $9.50

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