Epic Maduro Reserva – Double Corona

Epic Maduro ReservaThis Epic was a gift from the North East sales representative, Victor Lucatorto and I owe him a million thanks for introducing me to this Dominican dame that deserves every one of the accolades that has been bestowed upon it.

The company is a fairly new boutique brand that is quickly making quite a name for itself, and the passion behind these cigars could not be more evident with its flawless construction, striking appearance and savory flavor profile.

This Latina is produced at the Charles Fairmorn factory on the Dominican Republic, which is most famous for its Kristoff brand.  When Epic was handed off to me she was dressed in a stunning Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper leaf that was accessorized by a stylish band Epic Maduro Reserva Coronathat broadcasted her name, Epic, loudly and proudly. Her rich, deep, dark brown wrapper enveloped a Cameroon binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.  This double corona stands proudly at 6 x 54 with sexy little veins and invisible seams. Her flawless body is firm and glistened from succulent natural oils that screamed seduction.

I write this as I smoke it so the review is coming first hand from mouth to keyboard. Before firing her up I sensed notes of hay, earth and fruit, a perfume that was absolutely intoxicating. Without wasting any more time, I whipped out my cutter, gently snipped her cap and massaged her foot with soft butane.

Our first kiss opened with quite a bit of spice but quickly morphed into a welcoming profile of cream, cedar, and cocoa.  A pleasant fruity sweetness capped off our moment of intimacy. My gorgeous Dominican mistress surprised me with that opening blast of pepper but I definitely enjoyed it. I like spicy surprises every now and then to keep Epic Maduro Reservame on my toes. Who likes a boring date?

She has a very satisfying finish that held strong on my palate between smooches. As the first third came to a close, Epic had a medium body with medium leveled strength. I am sensing that this little temptress is going to maintain medium-bodied strength but increase in flavor throughout our evening together. She is producing a nice char line with a long, tight, dark charcoal ash. Her smoke output is also impressive. Wow, so far my little ‘wifey’ is perfect – born to please.

Into the second third we go. I poured myself another dram of Woodford Reserve bourbon and continued to work my way down her luscious body. I now tasted sweet, aged tobacco and chocolate.  The remaining flavors remain consistent to my initial senses but the cedar has dropped off a bit and tucked itself behind the chocolate and tobacco notes. Epic is smooth and well balanced – a very enjoyable companion.

Her construction is as close to perfect as one can get. Her draw is ideal and the smoke output is incredible with billowing plumes of thick white smoke filling my cigar cave. The aroma is mouthwatering and her slow burn allows me to exploit her essence that much longer.

Our night cap was incredible. Her burn line remained razor sharp and herEpic Maduro Reserva smoke continued to cloud my cigar cave with a palpable aroma. Her flavors remained relatively the same as it has throughout our rendezvous but her kisses started to taste sweeter and more succulent. Her strength remained at medium-bodied just as I expected and her flavors left me yearning for more.

Overall, I really enjoyed this evening alone with Epic Maduro Reserva. She bedazzled the pants off me for sure and I am looking forward to another date with this fine tasting Latina. The exotic coupling of her dark Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper and Cameroon binder definitely enhanced her decadence. Despite her lack of complexity, I can’t say enough about how tasty she was. This is definitely a cigar that deserves a spot in every man’s humidor.  She maintained her flavors, aroma and burn line beautifully and her spicy surprise really intrigued me during our opening kiss. Nothing was overpowering or over-the-top at any time throughout our tryst. She is a perfectly blended Epic Maduro Reservagal if you ask me.


Epic Cigars at the Charles Fairmorn Factory

Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca

Binder : Cameroon

Filler: Dominican/Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Price: $8

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