Emilio Series H Maduro – Toro

Emilio Series HAn outstanding all around smoke that is a perfect model for a traditional cigar I expect when looking for some relaxing quiet time.

The Series H was Gary Griffith’s debut cigar after creating his own company, Emilio Cigars after years in the construction industry. He blended this inaugural release during his first trip to Central America prior to meeting his dear friend A.J. Fernandez, who was instrumental in a few of Griffith’s more recent blends.

I was introduced to Emilio Series H about six months ago when her father, Gary introduced us, but I couldn’t work up the nerve to take her out for drinks until today.  Boy am I glad I did. She is a knockout by all accounts of the imagination – gorgeous from head to foot. When I picked her up from my humi, she was wearing a stunning Ligero Maduro wrapper leaf from the Jamastran region of Honduras that was deep and dark in color (almost black) and shimmering with silky natural oils. Her pronounced shine accentuated her body with perfection. Her firm, slightly toothy 6 x 50 frame sported minimal veins and invisible seams. Her wrapper enveloped a binder and fillers from Nicaragua and Costa Rica that peaked intriguing desire. Her simple, yet classy band tattooed her upper body with her name emblazed in black classic script font overtop a white background. And, her perfume was Emilio Series Han intoxicating mix of sweet molasses and roasted nuts.

I couldn’t waste any more time after spending months working up the nerve to take Emilio Series H out so I jumped at the first opportunity to make my first move. I gently snipped her cap and passionately massaged her foot with warm butane until she was fired up and ready to play. Judging by her outer appearance I was expecting the opening kisses to be pungent and spicy, but to the contrary she opened our tryst with sweet molasses, espresso, cocoa and a touch of leather. She lacked the spicy ‘tude that has become synonymous with Emilio Cigars. I am not complaining by any means, just a little surprised is all. But, it is good to keep the guyss guessing, who likes a predictable gal, spontaneity and excitement is what it is all about. However, she did offer a little kick in the first third from the Ligero tobacco. Her sweetness definitely came from the Honduran Maduro wrapper. The remainder of the first third of our night maintained the same flavor profile, which I found extremely smooth and relaxing.

Like all of Gary’s cigars, the construction was impeccable. The draw had a slight resistance to it, but maintained its consistency throughout the smoke. The char line started out a little wavy but straightened itself out by the end of the first third but never became razor sharp. The ash on this Latina was a little loose, not as tight as I usually prefer, but a guy can sure enjoy a loose ash once in a while, if you know what I mean. It was a traditional charcoal color and held on for over an inch before it fell off. The smoke output on the Emilio Series H was above average and emitted an amorous sweet aroma that I really enjoyed.

Emilio Series H The second third of body was the most decadent. The faint spice that was present in the opening third was all but gone at this point with mellow traces of pepper dabbling my palate. Her kisses started to become creamy, a quality I happen to love. Other than those slight changes, she offered the same flavors as the first third, cocoa, espresso and sweet molasses. Her sweet finish was not terribly long, but nevertheless, memorable and fulfilling to say the least.

Emilio Series H was a pleasurable experience and she continued to impress me throughout the entire smoke. Her flavor profile maintained its consistency in the final third and didn’t taste bitter are harsh as the nub approached. Her cool burn and tasty profile convinced me to smoke the nub down until mere ashes were all that was left of her skeleton. I found her to be a medium-bodied smoke that was also medium in strength.

To be honest, I was a little surprised by the strength level. Pre-judging her, I anticipated a spicy, bold smoke because of the Ligero but that was not the case. Nothing was over-the-top or in-your-face. The entire experience was relaxing and enjoyable. She definitely did remind me of what a cigar is supposed to taste like – consistent, flavorful, Emilio Series Hsmooth and traditional. While I was digesting her flavors, I was thinking to myself, “Now this is a cigar.”


Made by Emilio Cigars in Danli, Honduras

Wrapper: Ligero Maduro from Jamastran, Honduras

Binder: Nicaraguan & Costa Rican

Fillers: Nicaraguan & Costa Rican

Strength: Medium

Price: $7 USD

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