Emilio Cigars AF2 – Toro (6 x 50)

af2Very impressive cigar.

The AF2, sequel to Emilio Cigars AF1, is produced and blended by AJ Fernandez.

One look at this daring dame and I immediately noticed how well-rolled she was. Within seconds of our initial meeting I already had my hands all over her firm body – felt well packed with very little give when performing the old squeeze test. The AF2 is of solid construction – a trademark of all Emilio Cigars.

The Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper had a nice rich oily presence of dark chocolate bejeweled by a classy bronze band with traditional black lettering. Her aromatic pre-lighted earthy perfume had me at “hello”.

When I finally stopped groping her, I gently toasted her foot and took a couple deep puffs.  Mmmmmm, a very oily, smooth aged-tobacco taste with hints of black pepper that really got my motor running.  She even left a long lingering peppery finish on my palate so I wouldn’t forget about her before our next rendezvous.

Don’t let this temptress fool you with her gorgeous outer appearance, she is a feisty lil’ Latina – a very full-flavored, powerful chica that will steal your innocence for sure.  At the core of her personality lies decadent notes of deep creamy earth and coffee mixed Emilio-AF2-Band-222x500with a noteworthy blast of aged tobacco to create a unique flavor profile that I loved.

She had a perfect draw and her flawless construction fashioned a razor sharp burn that molded a light gray, very tight two-inch ash that remained intact in the ashtray.  She emitted an abundance of thick, heavy amorous smoke that clouded my cigar cave like I have never seen before. The aroma was very pleasant, camp-fire pleasant but my visibility was next to nil. I knew it was time to turn on the exhaust fan when I heard my buddy’s voice from across the room, but could no longer see him.

During the second third of my date with this dazzling AF2, I tasted a lot of creamy earth in our kiss mixed with a nutty, caramel or cocoa flavor. She remained full of flavor but she lost her ‘tude. Most of the spicy pepper disappeared, but she remained a very smooth, pleasant delight – a real charmer, if you know what I mean. This temptress is definitely not for the faint of heart because she is strong and powerful, definitely of full strength.

The end of our date was very memorable because she lost most of her sweetness. She definitely got too comfortable too quickly. Her strength started to escalate but I loved every minute of it. I like a strong, feisty woman who knows how to pack a punch, and this AF2 knew what she was doing. This is very similar in strength to her sister, the AF1, another strong, feisty Latina. I wonder if they would be interested in…aw never mind, they never are.

The nub finished flavorful and strong.

Overall, I have to commend this leaf for her volumes of smoke, great draw and near perfect burn as it all contributed to a very pleasant experience. This cigar has plenty of body to satisfy full-bodied smokers while remaining smooth enough for virtually every experienced smoker to enjoy. The flavors are complex and extremely pleasant and well balanced.

I would love to meet up with this Latina again and share some more time together because I really enjoy her company and she is not a expensive date at about $8. Maybe next time she will bring her sister along, AF1 for a really wild time.

af2I paired this AF2 with a Sweet Baby Jesus craft beer that was a very tasty combo for the first half of the smoke. The sweetness in the beer complimented the sweetness in the middle of the cigar. But, as the cigar lost its sweetness I switched over to a Macallan 10 Year Old Fine Oak scotch that finished off the night perfectly.


Made by Emilio Cigars

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan and Pennsylvania Ligero

Strength: Full

Price: $8.00

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  3. Mad Bricky

    Good that you had the experience with AJ Fernandez! They make many impressive cigars that easily over shadow the likes of Padron and Fuente. You just have to open your mind and taste buds and learn for yourself! Good job Ash.

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