Emilio Cigars AF1 – Toro

emilioaf1-2Emilio Cigars is a boutique brand that has been around for a few years now but has been making a huge splash in the market as of late. The brand is really being talked up on web and social media because they are that good.

For a little history on Gary Griffith and his cigar empire, read my interview with him. You will be excited to learn how a passionate cigar smoker turned a hobby into an empire.

The AF1 is manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua and named in honor of Griffith’s friend and mentor, AJ Fernandez. This 6×50 Nicaraguan flavor bomb is dressed in a slowly fermented San Andreas maduro wrapper that shrouds a Nicaraguan binder and filler. This Latina is dark and rich with a feisty personality of spice and sweetness. A real temptress.

The wrapper is a decadent dark chocolate color, almost black, glistening from its oily sheen. It has slight veins running through her body but she is well rolled, a standard with all Emilio Cigars. She is accessorized nicely with a classy black band with gold classic lettering. The pre-lighted aroma is out of this world. Very delectable scents of barnyard with a rich chocolate lured me in like the bedroom eyes of a jezebel.

I gave in to temptation and fired her up. Wow, she did not disappoint. Her aggressive personality immediately showed itself, af11pounding me with intense flavor right from the get go – didn’t even give me a chance to freshen up. She hit me with a mouthful of spice and pepper to compliment her strong coffee flavors. Mmmmmm so good…so good. As she continued to burn, her strong personality started to back off and mellow out a bit. She had a very long finish, lying on my palate for a long, long time after her smoke rolled off my lips. Her flavors are rich, oily and bold, just the way I like my women.

Now that she has given me some time to settle in I am really starting to appreciate her earthiness and creamy chocolate combo. Don’t get me wrong, she is still packing some serious heat as a full-bodied bombshell, but now at a more comfortable pace. She is really putting out an immense amount of thick, almost chewy smoke that smells amazing.

Just as I was about to say goodnight to this daring dame, she re-energized for another round of bliss. The nightcap was an amazing experience. She was sooooo sweet, soooooo strong, sooooo delectable. Her last few kisses inundated me with creamier chocolate, deeper earth and straight-up nicotine – a powerful goodnight kiss that lasted right down to the nub.

af1I really enjoyed my tryst with this daring dame who was feistier than expected and more satisfying than I ever dreamed. For all of you bold smokers, this Latina comes with a fair warning –  She has an incredibly strong start that may turn you off at first, but give her a chance because once you get to know her, you will be glad you did. Trust me, she is grrrrrrrrrreat.

I started smoking this cigar with water because it was my first time trying it so I wanted to taste the true flavors of the cigar. But after some time, I poured myself a Macallan 10 Year Old Fine Oak and they make a wonderful pair. The oak finish on the scotch blended perfectly with the earthiness of the stogie to create a perfect compliment.


Made by Emilio Cigars

Wrapper: San Andreas Maduro (Mexico)

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Price: $8 – $9

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