‘Cigar Muse’ Brings Sex Appeal to the Cigar World

caroline5Caroline Vitale, nicknamed the “Cigar Muse”, has taken the cigar world by storm with her bedroom eyes, succulent curves and love affair with cigars. This 25-year-old lady of the leaf is not just a pretty face pinned to the wall of some testosterone-filled cigar shop.  But, she is the devilish dame nestled in the corner of the lounge, sunken in an over-sized chair with her lips locked around a Padron 1964 Anniversary, smoking with the boys.

By day, Caroline works for a brick-and-mortar tobacco shop called Cigar Cigars outside of Philadelphia, but when the five O’clock whistle sounds and the sun tucks itself behind the shadows of the moon, Caroline comes out to play. She is the female radio personality of The Cigar Lounger radio show where she loves to bring ‘sex appeal’ to the station.

“I am the female voice of the show with five other guys but it’s a blast,” said Vitale. “I love being the sex appeal on the show. I love giving the female perspective on whatever topic we are talking about.”

Deemed the quintessential woman, Caroline is also a bartender at a local watering hole, Texas Hold’Em poker dealer, featured model for March’s issue of The Cigar Lounger Magazine and avid Philadelphia sports fan who has represented Cigar Cigars and CAO at various cigar events.

Caroline was first introduced to the art of cigars five years ago when she started hanging around friends whom smoked stogies, caroline1but became much more involved when she began working for Cigar Cigars about a year ago.

“What attracts me to cigars is the fact that there are so many different brands out there,” said Vitale.  “I always am up for trying something new and from that I become more knowledgeable and figure out what my palate is more drawn to.”

Some of Caroline’s favorite cigars are Panacea (black, red, track 7), Perdomo (Champagne and 20th Anniversary), anything by Padron, Oliva V and CAO flathead. Like most cigar smokers, Caroline loves to drink while puffing on her stogie, but when it comes to deciding what to drink, “it depends on the setting”. She likes it all from craft beer and rum to coffee and birch beer, but most of all, she loves to pair her cigars with a single malt scotch or bourbon on the rocks.

There is no doubt that this buxom beauty brings much needed sex appeal to an otherwise male-dominated industry that is starving for females. But are guys more attracted to Caroline because she smokes cigars?

“Not necessarily, but doing that stuff is certainly a plus,” she said. “They do consider me the perfect woman to enjoy cigars, craft beer and sports.”

photo 3Cigar enthusiasts can tune into The Cigar Lounger radio show every Tuesday from 7-9 to listen to Caroline talk cigars with the guys or check her out in the March issue of The Cigar Lounger Magazine that is now available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

See more pictures of her tomorrow as Sizzlin’ Sunday’s Cigar Babe of the Week


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