Bodega Reunion Digestivo – Double Robusto ( 5 x 54)

digestivoA complex cigar with unique flavors and the savory characteristics of an ‘after dinner’ treat.

Bodega Premium Blends is a new brand in the industry distributed by Gary Griffith and the House of Emilio team.  The company is run by Gino Domanico (@Cigar_G) but founded by four friends from Canada in 2013.

According to the company’s website:

The line was inspired by the culinary arts. Spanish for digestif, Digestivo usually refers to ‘a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage that is specifically served after a meal’. Spirits such as port, brandy, cognac and whiskey are examples of digestifs. And as Bodega Premium Blends would have it, not only does it pair extraordinary well with those drinks, there’s nothing finer in the humidor to finish off a meal…Digestivo is designed to bring the whole experience to a satisfying conclusion.”

I met Digestivo about a month ago when Gary Griffith from House of Emilio introduced us, but it was not until last night that I finally sacked up and asked her out. And brother I am glad I did. She was absolutely magnificent, the perfect companion in all facets of the imagination – sexy, tasty and extremely satisfying.

When I first met Bodega’s Digestivo I was blown away by her glamorous evening gown of a wrapper that covered nearly 50 percent of her firm 5 x 54 frame. Dark chocolate brown, well-aged San Andres Negro flesh seductively peeped out from underneath her colorful, eye-catching outer garment. Her alluring body was impeccable – well packed, hefty and without flaw from head to toe. This exotic beauty had a nice oily sheen that graciously layered her toothy leaf, which featured small veinsdigestivo and tight seams. What made this Latina stand out from others wrapped in the San Andres leaf was her oily flesh. She was packed with Nicaraguan fillers that were from the Estelí and Jalapa regions of the country. Her binder was also Nicaraguan.

As I inched my way closer to her, I soaked in every nuance of her rich pre-lighted perfume that smelled sweet and spicy. Her cold draw was just as intoxicating – a nice herbal spice that was sweet and a bit fruity. Her foot emitted strong scents of rich tobacco, sweet bread and plenty of herbal spice. She is truly a unique blend.

Not wasting any more precious time, I warmed her well-packed foot with a gentle massage from my lightation device and softly kissed her shoulder to prime her for action.

The initial few puffs were pleasant and memorable. She offered notes of herbal tea, cocoa, and earth with a bit of spice mixed with a very delectable sweetness. Her spice wasn’t overpowering by any means, but a pleasant peppery spice that left me yearning for more. I like my Latinas with a little spicy ‘tude. It adds a little extra enjoyment to the night. As I worked my way down this well-constructed bombshell, I fully devoted myself to her savory, spicy flavors. At this point in our date her body was nice and hearty, full of flavor but not overpowering in strength. She had a short but tasty finish that surely tantalized my taste buds.

The draw on this well-constructed dame was effortless, and she produced a char line that was razor sharp and maintenance free. She didn’t need a single touch up throughout our entire 65-minute tryst. The ash on this Latina was absolutely stunning, firm, lengthy and light charcoal in color with adorable dark black smoke rings throughout. Her smoke output was incredible. In her rage digestivoof passion she emitted screams of thick white plumes of amorous smoke that clouded my cigar cave with guiltless pleasure.

The second third of our night progressed well. Exploring her unique and complex flavor profile was an absolute treat especially since she offered herself to me so early in our relationship. As I said earlier, this was the first time we kept company with each other and yet she was so giving, a playful Nicaraguan who knew how to satisfy her man.

At this point her body and strength started to creep up toward the full end of the spectrum. I tasted a lot of herbal tea from our kisses, which was nice and silky on my palate. A pleasant sweetness lingered on my lips in between smooches. She also tasted of wood, earth, spice and dark chocolate. Her finish started to last a little longer as her sweet herbal aftertaste left me yearning for more.  However, it left my palate a bit dry but that wasn’t a problem because the Macallan 12 –year-old scotch that I was pairing Digestivo with made for a memorable ménage a trois.

The final third of our night was just as exciting as the first two thirds, if not more. At this point she was definitely a full-bodied temptress that was full in strength as well. Her strength was not brash or in your face but it was obvious. Her kisses remained silky on the tongue and her full-bodied finish was now long-lasting. I guess she realized our night was coming to an end, so she wanted to send me off with a mouth full of her flavors when we departed. I still tasted a lot of herbal tea notes and earth on her breath coupled with dark chocolate and molasses – a sweet and savory digestif for sure.

I definitely enjoyed my time together with Bodega’s Digestivo. She was a unique lady who was full of savory flavors that captivated my senses. She clearly lived up to her reputation for being an ‘after dinner’ smoke. Her strength was there but it was not ‘in your face’ or over-the-top. None of her flavors was overpowering or intense. They were a nice and subtledigestivo balance that worked in concert to create an amazing and unique flavor profile that will surely satisfy those who enjoy the San Andres wrapper as well as those who like full-flavored, full-bodied cigars.


Made by Bodega Premium Blends

Wrapper: San Andres Negro – Mexico

Binder:  Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan – Jalapa and Estelí

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: $11 USD

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