Best Free Mobile Apps for Leaf Lovers

I have searched high and low, flipped through thousands of website and apps, and talked to hundreds of cigar smokers to uncover the Ultimate Apps for those who worship the leaf. I have compiled a list of seven ‘must have’ apps that you must download NOW. They are listed in order with number one being my favorite of all. There are plenty of other apps out there but I think the other ones are a waste of time. There are also some apps that you have to pay for, but who needs to pay for something that is already offered for free.

1.      The Cigar Lounger

cigar lounger app This is hands down the best digital magazine that I have ever seen/read, and I’m not saying that just because it is about cigars. This digital magazine delivers exactly what we, the leaf lovers, want: videos, pictures, reviews, insider information and babes. According to their description on the App Store the magazine is, “produced by Real Cigar Loungers For Passionate Cigar Lovers”. As I flipped through the latest issue of this digital haven of euphoria I was blown away by the stunning graphics, crystal clear videos, intriguing articles, informative interviews and blissful images of the ‘Smokin Beauty’ of the month.

2.      Cigar Dave Show

The Cigar Dave Show is a nationally syndicated radio show hosted by Dave Zeplowitz from Tampa, Florida. cigar dave show2Cigar Dave, also known as ‘The General’, considers himself the ‘alpha male’. The show is broadcasted live every Saturday from 12-2, but cigar lovers can listen to podcasts of previous broadcasts at any time with one simple click. Dave is fascinating to listen to. He comes across as a stern, confident conservative who loves a good smoke paired with the perfect libation. He often rants about cigars while puffing on one during the show, booze, while drinking one during the show, food, politics, dames, dice and diversions. I enjoy listening to this show and try to tune in every Saturday afternoon while enjoying a fine smoke and libation of my own. But, if I miss the live show I always tune in to a podcast with my evening smoke.

3.      Cigar Monster

cigar monster app2Why is this one third? Because it is Famous Smoke Shop’s app that offers great cigars sold at unbeatable prices, and always free shipping no matter how much you spend. At the top of each hour the Cigar Monster offers a phenomenal cigar deal and accessory deal. The deals usually include 5-packs but also offer samplers, bundles and boxes of all strengths, sizes and flavors.  You will find an array of nationally available brands as well as exclusive lines of You will receive push notifications each time a new deals is available, which is every hour on the hour, plus the Cigar Mash Up which occurs at 11 am and 11 pm. The Mash Up is a list of all of the day’s offers so if you missed one during its allotted hour, this is your last chance to grab it before it is gone for good.

4.      The Cigar Station

cigar station app2This is a really cool app because it broadcasts music 24/7 designed to complement the smoking experience by providing an optimal atmosphere to lounge and enjoy the smoke. Listeners can make song requests right from their mobile device, buy song, and view the station’s playlist. In addition to music, the station broadcasts cigar news, reviews, cigar college, and interviews with celebrities and cigar personalities. The app’s description in the Apple Store reads, “Soundtrack to the Cigar Smoking experience”.

5.      CigarDojo

cigar dojo2This app may be the one-stop shop of apps. It provides everything the cigar smoker would need, want or even dream of. I think they covered just about everything bundled in one free app. According to its description on the Apple Store it is, “The world’s first and best social cigar app”. I think they are right. The coolest feature they offer is a digital herf where you can smoke with others by posting pictures and commenting about the cigar you are puffing on. They also have a cigar bar finder and allow smokers to share pictures with one another. They have cigar reviews as well as fun contests and allow users to trade cigars with each other.  This is a fun, addicting app that will keep you entertained during those solo smokes that can become lonesome.

6.      Cigar Boss

cigar boss app3This is another cool app that is free and fun to use. It allows users to research cigars from its database of over 7,000 different cigars. It provides the basic specifications of the cigar like size, strength and tobacco type with an estimated price per cigar. Users can also read reviews by staff members who also offer suggestions if you are looking to try something new. They also have a cool digital humidor that allows you to track and update your humidor’s inventory. This feature also includes a cigar journal where you can record notes about the cigar and where and when you smoked it. Cigar Boss also interacts with Facebook and Twitter so you can share what you are smoking with your friends.

7.      Cigar Glossary

cigar glossary appEvery smoker, novice or pro, should download this app. It is a simple to use glossary of virtually every cigar term imaginable. The navigation/search is simple and it provides short and concise definitions to terms that may be unfamiliar to some smokers. I know when I first started out smoking, there were many terms that I didn’t know, but was too embarrassed to ask a seasoned pro in fear that he would look down on me and take offense to my question. So for those questions there is this nifty little app.

All of these apps are available on both Android and Apple devices and you must be 17 years old to download.

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