Alec Bradley Connecticut – Nano

It may have a boring, plain Jane name, but its legacy lives on forever, according to Bill.

My buddy Ben and I were nestled in my man cave each smoking a premium cigar, me the Alec Bradley American Sun Grown, Ben an ACID by Drew Estate, his favorite. We were shooting the breeze, bullshitting for a bit while each sipping our Macallan 12-year- old scotch, his on the rocks, mine neat when a buddy of mine from work strolls in. He is not much of a cigar guy but has dabbled in the art here and there for the past few years. Not a connoisseur by any means but decided to join us because he knows I always stock the finest cigars and scotches. Of course I offered him a stogie, and to my surprise, he gladly accepted. I peered around my fully stocked humidor for a cigar I knew he would enjoy. Being a novice in the sport, I knew he wouldn’t like one of my powerhouses so I got him the Nano sized Alec Bradley Connecticut. If you plan on entertaining you must have a full array of sizes, flavors, strengths and brands to satisfy your guests.

Boy did I make the right decision. He absolutely loved the cigar. It has been over a month now that he had smoked it and I still hear praise and receive thanks from him for turning him onto that cigar. He went on to tell me how awful his past experiences were and how he was hesitant to ever try a cigar again. I’m glad he trusted me.

I have smoked this cigar before myself and knew it was a quality smoke, but it is a bit too mild for me. I prefer a full-bodied stick but always keep mild sticks on hand for guests like Bill. Based on my experience with the Alec Bradley Connecticut and his reference, we have concluded that this is one of the best mild cigars on the market. Alec Bradley has proved itself in a very competitive market by consistently adapting to consumer needs and developing great cigars. They are the makers of the Prensado, which was named “Cigar of the Year” in 2011.

The Alec Bradley Connecticut is wrapped in a slightly oily latte-colored Connecticut wrapper that immediately triggers your salivary glands. Bill pressed the foot of the cigar up against his nose and took a deep breath to absorb the pre-lit aroma of sweet vanilla bean and floral notes. I took it back from him and toasted the foot before he sucked the whole thing up his nose. When lit, the flavors stay pretty consistent throughout still holding strong to the vanilla bean and floral tones. It produces an ample amount of sweet, aromatic smoke that, when joined forces with the smoke from my cigar and Ben’s cigar, created an eclectic plume of euphoria. The smoke from this cigar is so creamy and tasty that Bill kept it in his mouth longer than most. He wanted to savor every bit of his tasty stogie because he isn’t used to smoking quality cigars.  The flavors are blissfully layered on your tongue and the smoke rolls off your lips like the soft kisses from a seductive bedmate.

That is why it is extremely important to pick the right cigar. All of our palettes are different and there isn’t a “one size fits all” cigar on the market. Each hand rolled cigar is made from different blends of strength and flavor. While enjoying a cigar together, Bill went on about his past cigar experiences and hated most of them because he was given the wrong cigar. Because of other people’s poor choices, Bill was almost robbed of life’s greatest pleasure and that is enjoying a quality smoke, sipping great scotch and enjoying the company of Ol’ Ash in his Ultimate Man Cave. Now I have one more person to invite to my next Ultimate Cigar Party and I’ll be sure to restock my humidor with a 5 pack of Alec Bradley Connecticut cigars.

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