1502 Black Gold Lancero

1502 black gold lanceroA strong, full-bodied cigar that is rich in character and bold in flavor – Proudly Nicaraguan.

From the Global Premium Cigars website

“If you like strong cigars, you’ll definitely love this one. This particular cigar is made to satisfy the discerning smoker who enjoys bold and strong flavors. It has a double binder and long filler from Nicaragua. With its natural Maduro sun-grown tobacco wrapper, nurtured with all the natural elements where it gets its favor, especially its strength and character.”

Enrique Sanchez I., founder and CEO of Global Premium Cigars, introduced me to his darling 1502 Black Gold last week when he personally handed her off to me during our meeting at Mane Street Cigars in NJ.

I soaked in every aspect of her incredibly striking 7 x 38 body as she floated to me in what appeared to be slow motion. Her skimpy, yet extremely flattering band was the only cover up on her firm, sexy physique. Her nude, deep black Mexican San Andres sun-grown Maduro wrapper was pure bliss – a treasure trove of eye candy.  She is clearly the best looking angel out of the three 1502 Charlie’s Angels.

Her long and slender box-pressed frame had a slight oily sheen, but it was her near invisible seams and eloquent ‘cigar lock’ fashioned on her foot that really got me going. Box-pressed lanceros are extremely rare to begin with, but when you add the one-of-kind cigar lock to her elegance, there is no holding me back.   She was packed with Nicaraguan fillers that included three different types of Ligero that was enveloped by a double Nicaraguan binder. Her aromatic flesh emitted a sweet earth and spicy leather perfume that lured me in like the bedroom eyes of a jezebel. And, the rich, spicy scent of her foot was a luring addition to the pre-light aromas. Her cold draw tasted like a combination of espresso and spicy leather.

I could no longer control myself, but in an act of chivalry, I asked for Mr. Sanchez’ blessing before I progressed with his angel. After receiving his blessing, I whipped out my cutter, gingerly snipped her cap and began to massage her foot with a soft flame. After a few gentle puffs she was ready for action.

Immediately I was greeted with a very earthy flavor that paired nicely with the spicy leather notes I gathered from our pre-light foreplay. I also tasted espresso and a bit of cedar as well.

I could definitely taste her Nicaraguan heritage and the Ligero was definitely noticeable. As the first third of 1502 black gold lancero1our rendezvous progressed her sweet personality began to blossom as I really started to taste it. What I really liked about this feisty Latina was her insatiable appetite to please her man. Her body was bold and her strength was noticeable right from the get go. My new companion and I were inseparable at this point so she joined Enrique and me in our interview. I thought it was a little awkward at first but neither of them minded the pleasant distraction.

The construction on this angel, Black Gold, was absolutely flawless, a trait that has become synonymous with all of Enrique’s gals. Her burn was razor sharp and didn’t need any touch ups what so ever. The draw was impeccable. And after talking with Enrique while admiring the draw, he proudly asserted, ‘Always, I make sure of it’. The ash on this dame was a dark, picturesque charcoal color that was tight and lengthy.

The second third of our afternoon together remained satisfying. She continued to tantalize my taste buds with a flavor profile that increased in black pepper and sweetness creating a blissful combination. Espresso, earth, leather and cedar continued to layer my palate as well. At this point, the smoke was really billowing from her foot and a long-lasting stream rolled off my lips as well. Her finish was heavenly, a delectable coating of black pepper remained after each of our unforgettable kisses.

Her razor sharp burn and perfect draw remained constant as I progressed down her body into the final third. At this point there was no denying her strength. She was a legit gal full of Vitamin N. Her sweetness started to disappear but the aforementioned notes of earth, leather, cedar, and espresso remained in her profile.

It is always a pleasant treat to smoke a cigar with its creator and this meeting was truly an honor. The Black Gold offers an extremely satisfying array of complex flavors that are enhanced that much more in the Lancero vitola. All of the 1502 cigars are of phenomenal construction and draw and this stick was no exception. It was well-balanced, distinctive and truly enjoyable. She is clearly stronger than her sister, Ruby so if you like strong, flavorful cigars this is the one for you. The elegant, sophisticated appearance of this dame allows her to stand out among her peers and the fact that she tastes just as delicious as she looks makes her quite the catch. If you see her hanging around your local cigar lounge, I highly recommend you scoop her up before the next guy does


1502 Black Gold  by Global Premium Cigars

Made at the Plasencia Cigars S.A.

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Sun-grown Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan (double binder)

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Full

Price: $7.90 USD

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  1. […] The Black Gold is the strongest and most flavorful of the 1502 ‘Charlie’s Angels”. It has enjoyed 92 and 93 ratings during its short tenure on the market. It is blended with all Nicaraguan fillers, including three different types of Ligero enveloped by a Nicaraguan double binder and a Maduro Natural San Andres, Mexico wrapper. […]

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